Video Game Industry – Statistics & Facts

Video games have developed quite a lot since they appeared for the first time in 1970. Today, they have become very appreciated all over the world, by children, teenagers, and adults alike. Depending on the platform, video games are divided into two parts, computer games, and console games. Due to the emerging of social networks and smartphones, another category was born called mobile & social games. Here are some interesting statistics and facts about the video game industry.


There is no doubt that this industry was and still is these days a billion-dollar business. In 2016, this market was actually valued at 17.68 billion dollars, in the United States. In the same year, those who bought video games were said to spend almost double the amount on gaming content, all sort of accessories, as well as hardware. Don’t forget that the first generation of gamers is at the moment grown up with very important spending power. Therefore, we can definitely say that video games can no longer be considered adequate only for children. In fact, there are plenty of teenagers and adults all over the world who play video games regularly. Not only fun but mental agility as well are among the most important reasons cited by old gamers as to why they have actually chosen this pastime. It is not something bad, it is an excellent way to entertain yourself on your free time.


There are many prosperous representatives of this massive industry, but there are only three major players that have been in the game for decades and still are in the leadership positions. We are talking about Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. For example, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is these days the bestseller among any other innovative consoles. By the end of 2017, Sony sold over 21-million units of this popular and exceptional console, thing that wasn’t so surprising for the company which is used to be a bestseller. All these brands are also known by every gamer, and no matter where you live you will surely find their products. There are so many types of video games, that you would probably find quite difficult to choose one, and that’s why we recommend you to do some research before going shopping, especially if you are a beginner.


Statistics show that in the United States, 64% of the general population are gamers. The average age of male gamers is 30, the average age of female gamers is 35, and a percentage of 14% of male gamers cite competition as their motivation to play, while 11% actually play for destruction. Nearly 14% of female gamers are highly motivated to play because of the game’s design, while 15% play just for fantasy. Millions of video games and accessories are bough every year in America, and nearly every American has at least one video game in his house. There is no doubt that when it comes to video games, the United States is one the first place as a consumer, followed by China, Japan, Great Britain, Spain, and other countries.